Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outfit of the day: floral & jeans

Hey guys! So today I decided to wear my lovely floral jeans today, I got these way way back before the floral print were actually on trend. Did you know that I actually wear this to school since we don't have a uniform for the bottom part; we could wear any jeans we want! Cool right!

Anyway here it goes. I really want to try print + print but I don't have a print that matches these floral jeans, still in the search for one. ☺ ( a really nice and affordable one too) 

so here's what I wore, hope you guys like it! 

added a belt to accessorize it!

accessories for today! My favorites!
so dirty, I know!!!
What I wore:
shirt: Zara
pants: Forever 21
shoes: Forever 21
watch: DKNY
bangles: bazaar/gift

Anyway that's it for today guys! I still owe you another outfit post! But I will blog it soon :) 
have a goodnight! ♥

xox Raffi ♥


  1. great floral pants! :)

    new outfit post xx

  2. Hey Georgi! Thank you :) sure, I'll check your blog out!


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