Saturday, March 31, 2012

Outfit of the day

So last Friday it was the graduation of my friend joy, sadly I didn't get to attend it. But the good  news is that I was invited to her dinner! Yay food! heehee. Of course I came there for Joy! ☺ Since it was a dinner and it was obviously at night I decided to wear this green super fit dress. I'm totally a fan of dresses like these because it defines my curves but in a good way of course. hehe Sorry guys this photo isn't as good as the others since my photographer aka my sister was asleep so I just took this picture by myself hehe...... hope you guys like it ☺

excuse the background HAHA! ☺ 

just an instagram moment ☺

green  dress: Forever 21
neon stash: from my dresses
bangle: mango 

So that's it for now! Hope you guys like it. Till another blog post!
xoxo Raffi ♥

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