Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meeting Lissa & David

So last March 24, 2012 Lissa Kahayon  & David Guison  had a styling + photography workshop.  How did I knew about  it? Well It's a good thing I read Lissa's blog, so I saw this poster:

immediately told my mom that I wanted to attend because the workshop is about styling & photography plus I want to meet Lissa and David in person! I'm glad I went and  learned a lot of tips and tricks about fashion, the one that I liked the most was when Lissa said  "work with what you have" that statement really opened my mind because I usually tell myself I need new clothes, there's nothing to wear! I want to buy new ones na. So  instead of buying new ones , I'll try to experiment with the clothes that I have. From then on I don't think of buying new clothes just yet only when I really NEED it. Also I think she's right that it's better to challenge yourself with the clothes and accessories that you have. Aside from that they also talked about blogging & of course David talked about photography; which makes me want to buy an SLR camera since I don't have yet. I'm not that passionate about photography but I do need/want a cam because I want my blog photos to be crystal clear. heehee. Sorry iPhone lang gamit ko :) hehe.  Oh and there was a styling challenge, our group won! Yay! Here are some pics: ☺

the venue :) 

Hello Cole vintage 

Hi David and Lissa ☺

With Lissa! I look so sabog but oh well ☺

Hello Hazel our lovely model ☺
Our winning shot! ☺ yay!
Model: Ms. Hazel Peralta check her blog out:
Photographer: Jasper Ballecer check his blog out:

David taking Lissa's outfit shot ☺ Parang mga stalker lang kami hehe

Lissa being gorgeous!
Hi David!!!
Finally a picture with these two amazing fashion bloggers! ♥
Of course bonded with Andrea, one of my fashion buddies

That's it for now! Till another post ☺
xoxo Raffi ♥


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