Saturday, August 13, 2011

the new me

So our quarterly exams just ended, which I'm so glad to say because I'm so FREE!!! No more, studying, projects, memorizing, graphing, numbers, etc. Well it is just the first quarter but can I just say that I survived it, because I passed all my projects on time and well I studied my butt off.

For the past years in my life, this is the only year that I'm studying so hard. I just realized it now because from all the exams I took; the things I studied for are the things I completely remembered and I wasn't mental block or anything, I barely guessed during the exams. Which means, I really studied so HARD. Plus I didn't open Facebook during my exam week, that my friend is an achievement for moi. I'm that type of person; during breaks  I would usually open it and check, would even chat sometimes but this week I DID NOT.  Can't believe I survived without facebook for the entire week! Well, the only time I opened it was the last day of our exams. Aside from facebook I barely tweeted, I did but that was only the time I was resting and or when I'm done other than that I didn't.

Most probably the results will be shown on Monday, I hope. But if not the agony of passing is still on hold. For sure I did my very best in all the exams plus I was really focused. Whatever happens, happens! I'm aiming to get an AWARD. Positivity is always the key! Hopefully by 2nd quarter I continue this focus I have in me already or shall I say inner peace? Whatever, I enjoy studying now more than the past years of my life in high school or grade school. That's weird. Also, Physics is my greatest battle but I'm conquering it one step at a time. I CAN DO THIS. It is one of the subjects that I use to dislike but now I'm starting to be friends with it already...which is good.

Because of Senior life I now have huge EYE BAGS. hahahaha. It is so ugly but well, I sacrifice a lot too now, like going out with friends, movie with the family, etc. so that's pretty much difficult to do but I know in the end it will pay off. ( I hope ) Anyways that's about it, wasn't really expecting that Senior year would be this hectic. I thought it was going to be my chill year but no I still need to study and work hard. Last year to go! Lets do this.

Think positive!
Always smile!
Believe in yourself!

fashionista buddy Raffi <3

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