Sunday, September 9, 2012

2013 resort wear review: Peter Som

Hey guys so I'll be doing a review on some of the resort wear for 2013, particularly the ones that I liked. Thanks to you can view the pictures. Anyway, so I'm going to start of with Peter Som's Spring collection. I actually haven't heard of him until now(thanks to vogue) since I  really loved his collection. His collection is very girly, young, vibrant, and has a lot of prints in it. Totally love it. Anyway here's some of his collection that I loved!

totally my favorite outfit! WANT! 

lace loveeee! 

The print on this one, is very gorgeous! 

something very summery.

I'd definitely wear this outfit! 

lovin the blue hues 

This I would wear as well! 


I love blazer in this outfit 

Another lace that is amazing!

the pattern is love!
simple yet very chic, I must say.

Gotta love this outfit as well. Look at the details!
I  love the pullover. Plus her hair is lovely! 
one of my faves!
look at the detail! So gorgeous! Plus I love floral prints! 
I must say that it's very tailored, mixed with colorful prints and patterns, which I loved. I would seriously buy his clothes now! And the colors are pastels with some vibrant ones that I absolutely adore. I think I'm now a Peter Som fan. What a Lovely collection! Anyway, that's it for now!

xoxo Raffi ♥

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