Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey guys! So I have been addicted to this song right there, it is Never gonna leave this bed by Maroon 5. I gotta say, I fell in love with this song the moment I listened to it! Thanks to my friend Trixie for telling me about this awesome song! Now it is my turn to spread it to the world! 

This is the type of song that you feel "kilig" while listening to it and also it is relaxing :) I have a feeling that this song will appear in a movie soon. 

I remember the days when I was around 12 listening to maroon 5 and getting addicted to their songs. Now it is coming back, which makes me want to watch their concert here this coming MAY or April. I'm not sure but i do want to watch! 

Also the video concept is amazing because I haven't seen any videos like that before. I seriously want to have that moving truck! it is uber cool. Lastly Adam Lavigne looked so HOT wearing those wayferers and a plain white tee. He's such a hottie! 

that's about it :) click the LINK and listen and fall in love with Maroon 5 all over again! EARGASM! ☺

xoxo raffi ♥☺

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