Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The big one-five

Happy Birthday to my cousin B, I love her! She turns the big one five today. What did I do today, well its pretty much the usaual. Internet, TV, gave my sister a bath, ate, watched glee, ate some more. Haha. And we had dinner in my cousins house since its her birthday :)

Will use looklet again because I am getting bored with polyvore, but its still awesome and I love it! You guys should check out the site. Oh one cool thing that happened today is that, my cousin and I have the same laptop! I love it, that's why we're cousins! Oh, finally my mom bought me my very own laptop case. So that it does not hang around in the box. The color is bright pink, I love pink!

American Idol was good today because, ADAM LAMBERT was there vocal coach. I love Adam, he got hotter and thinner! I wish he was not gay, but oh well. I still love him. So Tim Urban is getting better every week, like today his performance was fantastic. Andrew Garcia has to step it up a bit, but I still love him. Crystal nailed it as always, I love her too! Oh and Lee wow, I love his eyes. He rocked it again, he just has to believe in his self more. Sioban, she's one of my faves too because of her style and uniquness. She looks good with Adam though. Well that's what I remembered, the others didn't really click to me.

till tomorrow, loves!


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